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2022 NBA Playoffs
Updated: June 2023


2022 NBA Playoffs Dates

The playoffs are the most exciting part of the NBA Championship. The playoff tournament includes the 8 most successful teams of the regular season. Also, this postseason part is based on a knockout system.


Will Devin Booker and the Phoenix Suns remain the undisputed Champions in the NBA? Or will teams like Milwaukee Bucks will challenge for the throne?


Or maybe an unlikely contender will be able to surprise the favourites?
We will find out the answers on these questions in the next two months, as the NBA finals are scheduled for June.



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Where To Bet On NBA Playoffs


While each round of the NBA playoffs receives great interest from NBA bettors, it’s the NBA Finals that everyone wants to bet on. You can bet on NBA Championship odds at every bookmaker including bookmakers such as and Sportsbook.


There are a number of options when it comes to where to bet on NBA playoffs odds for individual playoff games, series and both conference and league championships.


NBA Playoffs Format


During the history of the NBA, the format of the playoff has been changed on numerous occasions. Nevertheless, the present format of the NBA playoff concepts consists of eight teams from both conferences. Moreover, each of the team's rankings is based on their win and loss records during the regular part of the season.

So in total, there are 16 teams in the NBA Playoffs with eight from each conference. Also, these teams compete for the NBA Championship through 4 rounds of play.


The NBA Playoffs Schedule is as follows:


I - The Opening Round
II - Conference Semi-Finals
III – The Conference Finals
IV - NBA Finals


The elimination game system is based on the models “ the better of seven”. In other words, the team that will get 4 wins will head straight into the next stage of the playoffs.


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