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Bet on NFL Football
Updated: April 2024

NFL Football Is Back!!

Besides rooting on their favorite team to supply a weekly beatdown, one of the main reasons for the insane fan interest in the NFL is because of sports betting. Unlike MLB, NBA, and NHL seasons where games are available to wager on every day, NFL games are a precious commodity with a maximum of just 16 games to play per week.

In order for bettors to gain the maximum excitement from another football wagering season, they have to know where to bet at. Online sportsbooks are by far the most convenient place to bet at but it's important to put the money in not only a book that is trusted, but one that offers great lines and a variety of wagering options. The following are books that are convenient and reliable:


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Top NFL Sportsbooks

is one of the best sites to wager at simply because of the reduced juice that they offer. Picking winners is obviously the most important part of sports gambling but maximizing the profit on those wins is a close second. Reduced juice is an important aspect in riding out losing streaks because any seasoned sports bettor will tell you they are going to happen. Losing -105 instead of -110 basically adds up to free wagers as the season trudges on.

Another convenience that BetOnline offers is same day payout processing. Some of the joy of winning money by betting online is taken away when a gambler realizes they won't see the money for 5-6 weeks but BetOnline does their best to process the payment as efficiently as possible.

Bovada is a sportsbook that has proven their staying power. Most players can enjoy a padded bankroll even before they win their first wager as Bovada features some of the best bonuses to both new players and loyal bettors. Bovada features a direct bank transfer which is one of the smoothest ways to fund an online betting account without having to go through Western Union or purchase MoneyPak cards.


BetNow is a great site for those who want to wager on next week's NFL games as early as possible. BetNow is one of the first books to release the lines for the following week's NFL tilts and some early value can be had before public betting forces movement.

The final book of the Furious Four is New players will have plenty of funding thanks to a 50% signup bonus for the upcoming football season. They are also very early out of the gate to offer the following week's NFL and NCAA lines and pride themselves on quick payment processing and live customer service.


While each book offers something that makes it attractive to football bettors, perhaps the best strategy is to sign up for each one to take advantage of optimum lines. There's almost no sport where half a point is as crucial as the NFL and it's only responsible wagering by taking the best bet any book will offer.





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2023 NFL Football Season


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