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Popular Sportsbook Deposit Methods
Updated: April 2024
Keeping funds in a sportsbook account online is an event that is always changing. In this article we will discuss a few funding options that are accepted by MOST books. However we should note that since banking regulations and legal climates are ever changing, the following deposit information can also change within a second’s notice.
Sportsbooks Accepting Bitcoin Currency
Nonetheless, it is safe to say that at the current time neither Neteller nor PayPal are the most popular players in terms of sports betting. In fact, PayPal has entirely stopped and Neteller does not allow U.S. and Canadian residents to engage in gambling transactions.

Deposit Methods:

Credit Cards Deposit:
Credit cards are by far, still, the most common option when it comes to depositing funds into a gambling account. When you deposit funds with a credit card you can begin to gamble instantly following the completion of your transaction. Although many credit card banks and processors have blacklisted online betting dealings, there are still several that will accept credit cards with an exceptionally high acceptance rate at that. According to the information we have been told, Sportsbetting has the best. However, if you are interested you can find a complete list of bookies who accept Visas here.

Bank Wire Deposit:
Bank wires are a great tool to use because nearly every online sportsbook will accept a wire transfer. The best thing is that if you send the transfer early in the day, it is possible to have the funds in your account by that evening; this allows you access to bet in the evening games. Furthermore, there are many sportsbooks who offer to reimburse the wire fees for you.

Finally, the other popular method is money transfers from person to person using services such as Western Union. This method is great because the money generally only takes a couple hours to show up in your sports betting account. The same goes here, as many times the bookie will pay for any fees incurred during the sending of the funds. If you are interested you can look at our page that details sportsbook reviews to see which sites take Western Union for deposits.

eCheck Deposit:

Echecks are another wonderful way to make deposits. With Echecks you can do what is called an “online check”. In this case, the money is transferred from your bank account to your sportsbook account. At this time, however, we are not aware of any sportsbooks online that currently accept Echecks as a form of payment.

American Express Deposit:
American Express credit card is another great way to fund your money into majority of online sportsbooks, but not many will accept it.

In addition, there are many other ways to transfer money as well. You can view all of the sportsbook deposit methods on our sister website. The options we have discussed above are considered the most popular ones, but there are new ones appearing constantly. You should always make sure to save yourself the hassle by using a transfer method that is recommended so that you can have a safe, risk-free transaction.

If you are already familiar with safe ways to deposit and are looking for ways that are faster at depositing and crediting your book, then do not look past Bovada. Bovada is a leader in using credit cards for deposits. In addition, they will give you $100 Free Bet when you sign up with them this season.


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As betting on sports becomes more popular all over the globe, it can attract some negative attention from the sports franchises and teams that are being bet upon.

With millions of dollars riding on each game, some unscrupulous sports teams or players attempt to fix the outcome. Most of us have seen the scandals highlighted in the newspaper or on TV. Despite these occasional trouble spots, sports betting remains a popular pastime for many fans.