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Super Bowl 57 Square Grid 100 Boxes

Updated: February 2024

One of the most popular betting traditions in offices around U.S. is betting on Super Bowl squares. Winning with Super Bowl squares is entirely luck so anyone has a chance of winning. So even though you don’t need any special skills to win a squares pool, you can get lucky. Below you will find a printable square grid or you can join the Squares Grid offered by several online sportsbooks.


If you are looking for Squares to bet on, below are the books offering those contests.




Super Bowl 57 Square Grid 100 Boxes
printable, easy to edit, free to share


Easy to Edit
Superbowl 57 Printable Bracket
(PDF format)


nfl superbowl squares 100 boxes



Here’s how Super Bowl Squares works:

Using a 10 X 10 grid containing 100 spaces, players put their name on the grid after deciding on a fixed amount to pay.  Once all the spaces are filled in, numbers from 0 – 9 are assigned randomly to the various rows and columns on the grid.  The winnings are determined by the last digit of the score that each team gets when the first quarter ends, when the game is half over, the score for the third quarter and at the end of the game.

Once you find out your numbers, how do you determine what they’re worth?  We have devised a chart which we based on a $10 a square game. Every 100 square grid with a $10 per box builds the main pot of $1000, which needs to be divided and decided on the amounts by the group.  Possibility could be, $100 payout to the winners of the first and third quarters.  For the halftime winner, there is a $300 payout and at the end of the game there is a $500 payout. 

Because the numbers are given out randomly there is no skill or handicapping involved in this game.  But because of how football is scored, there are particular numbers that are “luckier” than others.  Without elaborating it’s obvious that the 3s and 7s are more favorable and that the 2s and 9s aren’t as favorable.

If you are looking for a blank sheet to offer office pools with 100 square boxes to fill, below you will find the perfect super bowl squares grid for 100 boxes to fill out.

Lucky number to draw

The luckiest number to draw is a 0. When bet for the home team, it has won 55 times or just under 30% of the time. The 0 has also won 46 times when betted on the away team. This means that for every time there has been a Super Bowl Game played, the 0 has won under these circumstances. This comes to 25% for every Super Bowl Quarter played. 

The second luckiest number to draw is a 7. When it’s been wagered for the home team, there has been 40 wins. 

When a 7 has been bet for the road team there has been 37 wins. It’s won for the home team 21.7% of the time and the wins for the road team have happened 20.1% of the time.

Another lucky number is the 3. It’s won 29 times for the home team and nearly that many times for the road team, 27 times.

Unlucky numbers to draw

The unluckiest number seems to be an 8.  There has only been one time, out of 184 quarters, that the away team has won with the number 8.  The number 8 has brought in wins only 8 times in the history of the game.

Another unlucky number is 2.  For both the home team and the away teams there has only been 9 times that a 2 has brought in a win, that’s out of 184 quarters, so this is pretty dismal.  The number 5 hasn’t done much better, with only 10 winners among home and away teams.

If you’ve drawn an 8 you better hope that the 49ers are playing because in 5 previous Super Bowl games where they’ve played, an 8 has won 5 times!!  But all together an 8 has only hit 9 times in the history of the Super Bowl. When numbers are drawn on the Friday before the Game, you’ll have an idea of your chances of winning based on the numbers and the history of the Game.


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