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Updated: April 2024


Bitcoin Most Frequently Asked Questions by people online


The concept of the bitcoin is a relatively new concept that online sportsbooks are beginning to embrace. Bitcoins are allowing those that participate in these sportsbooks to place their bets safely, without fear of having private financial information compromised. Any transaction made using bitcoins is processed instantly, making it popular choice for the bettors. This crypto currency that has been given the name “bitcoin,” was created in an attempt to stop the government’s ability to regulate money.

As these online betting sites are doing everything in their power to make it easier for people to place wagers with them it is likely bitcoins will continue to rise in popularity even more than they already have in the recent past. Bitcoins are likely to change the entire face of the online betting industry. grg One of the industry earliest but secure, BetNow Sports online sports betting site, accepting bitcoin as a deposit method, very highly recommended among community online.

USA Bitcoin Sports Betting Sites

It is still uncertain if or when bitcoins will be accepted at online sportsbooks that take U.S. players. While it is not out of the question for the future, it has not yet become a reality in the present.

As of this writing no sportsbook is equipped to accept bitcoins for payment. Industry experts expect this to change sometime in the near future. When online betting sites begin to accept bitcoins for player deposits a list of bitcoin friendly online sportsbooks will be compiled and shared with players.

Certain online sportsbooks will be more likely to accept bitcoins in the near future than others. Some of these sports books will allow players from the U.S. while others will not. For every online sports book listed as accepting bitcoins, it will state whether they can be used by U.S. players or not.

Signing Up For A Bitcoin Account

A bitcoin account can only be opened once an online bank account has been open. Players can download a software program called “Getting A Wallet,” to open and begin using their very own bitcoin account. The wallet itself is where the history of a player’s bitcoin transactions is kept. Those who prefer not to download software just to obtain an online wallet can use Coinbase which is the most popular to use.

To be able to use their bitcoins players must choose software or a site where they can create their online wallet. Once a player has established their wallet it is time to obtain bitcoins. To do so, players have the option of using websites such as or This directs players to locations in their area where they can obtain bitcoins. They can also be acquired by making a credit card purchase of this digital currency.