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2018 NBA Championship Odds
Updated: March 2019

According to Vegas, these are the odds for each team winning the Championship. The Toronto Raptors are favorite to win it all. Cleveland has an 14/1 chance of taking it this year. With Bron playing okay basketball of his career, it’s not promising to believe they will come out on top especially if his teamates are not helping. The Celtics on the other hand have a 9/1 chance, but do they have enough firepower to beat the two teams above? LeBron has already lost to both teams in the finals so it will be an interesting battle if this is what comes into fruition at the NBA Finals.

Odds to Win the 2019 NBA Championship


Golden State Warriors
Toronto Raptors
Boston Celtics
Houston Rockets
Milwaukee Bucks
Denver Nuggets
Los Angeles Lakers
Oklahoma City Thunder
Philadelphia 76ers
Indiana Pacers
Miami Heat
Utah Jazz
Brooklyn Nets
New Orleans Pelicans
San Antonio Spurs


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The NBA playoffs are off to an eventful start and should provide plenty of entertainment as we head to the NBA Finals in June. Can the Golden State Warriors get back to the finals and defend their title? Will the finals feature the Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers for the fourth consecutive year? The next several weeks will yield the answers to those questions and more. Here’s a preview of the 2017-18 NBA Playoffs.

Despite finishing the regular season 7-6, the Toronto Raptors are still the best team in the conference. Earning the No. 1 seed, the Raptors must face Washington which welcomes back point guard John Wall who missed a good portion of the second half of the season with a knee injury. Toronto did something it hasn’t done in quite a while in Game 1 of the series with the Wizards. They won a Game 1 playoff game for the first time in 10 tries.

Cleveland wound up the fourth seed in the East and, as a result, matched up with Indiana in Round 1. While the pairing favors the Cavs, it didn’t in Game 1 as Indiana held Cleveland to just 80 points in a 94-80 victory. As dire as it is, Cleveland has been to the NBA Finals in three consecutive seasons. Even if they can get past Indiana, it doesn’t look like the Cavs will be back for No. 4.

NBA Live Odds

Boston earned the East’s No. 2 seed and faces Milwaukee in Round 1. Much like Cleveland, the Celtics are better than their first-round opponent but if they get by the Bucks Boston probably doesn’t have what it takes to make it to the conference finals. The Celtics lost point guard and leading scorer Kyrie Irving for the season.

What appears likely in the East is Toronto, the conference’s best, reaching the conference finals against the up-and-coming Philadelphia 76ers. There is no hotter team in the NBA than the Sixers. They closed the season with 16 straight wins and won the last seven without their top scorer and rebounder Joel Embiid. In fact, they beat first-round playoff opponent Miami without Embiid in Game 1 too. The Sixers have the type of talent that can carry them to a meeting with Toronto for the right to get to the NBA Finals.

In the West, the most intriguing matchup might be Oklahoma City and Utah. The Jazz defense wound up tied with San Antonio for the fewest points allowed per game during the regular season (99.8). The Jazz defense was one of the big reasons the team went 29-6 over its final 35 games. The problem for Utah is that their leading scorer is a rookie (Donovan Mitchell) and the Jazz have to face the Thunder’s Big Three of Russell Westbrook, Paul George, and Carmelo Anthony. George had 36 points – he made eight 3-pointers – in Game 1.

The likely winner of the conference, Houston, matches up with Minnesota in Round 1. The T-Wolves broke the NBA’s longest playoff drought, but they are in for a quick playoff exit. Houston beat Minnesota by an average of 16 points in four games during the regular season. MVP candidate James Harden had 44 points in the Rockets’ Game 1 win. The Rockets would face the winner of the Thunder-Jazz series in the conference semifinals.

NBA Playoffs Bracket

Golden State’s path back to the NBA Finals starts with San Antonio, a team that is playing shorthanded without Kawhi Leonard. The Spurs have played most of the season without Leonard, but against a team as talented as the Warriors, he will be missed. Golden State might not have Steph Curry for Round 1. It won’t matter. The Warriors have three other All-Stars that will likely lead them to the conference finals.

The other first-round series pits No. 3 Portland against No. 6 New Orleans. Damian Lillard is one of the NBA’s best but the Trail Blazers might have a tough time facing the Pelicans Anthony Davis. The MVP candidate had 35 points, 14 rebounds, and four blocked shots in a Game 1 win over Portland. Whoever gets out of this series alive gets the privilege of facing Golden State.

It should be a Warriors-Rockets Western Conference Finals and if we stay true to what we learned during the regular season, Houston should take on Toronto for the NBA title. While Raptors head coach Dwane Casey has designed one of the league’s best defenses, it will be no match for Harden, Chris Paul, and company over the course of seven games. USA Sportsbook
2018 NBA Playoffs

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