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Finding the best sports betting odds is easy when you look at the live odds comparison at Open Sportsbook USA. Getting reputable sports betting odds may seem out of reach until you view some of their odds. Of course you won't be alone when you do since their odds have been displayed on major networks such as Yahoo and ESPN.

No matter what sport you're in whether it's NFL, NBA, MLB, or even the UFC you can get lines on them all with our live betting odds. For college football fans and even American Idol you can lay down your bets and maybe win big. And it's not just Americans that have all the fun but we also offer many sports that are played in Europe as well. The English Premier league, UEFA Cup, Cricket, and Rugby are just a few. And that also includes the biggest sport of all and that is the World Cup.

In case you're new to sports betting some tips would be to choose the right sportsbook to play your bets. Having one that has good odds and options is key. They feature future bets and you can wager twenty four hours per day and seven days per week. This kind of sports betting is something you won't find anywhere else.

Our live NFL football odds are updating with scores and outcomes constantly updated in real time so you'll always know the spread, money-line, run-line, total, and any quarters if there are any available. They even have second half betting if you were slow to get in at the beginning of the event. Another key factor when betting on football is understanding how buying points work. Sometimes that half a point can win you the game.

Football fans will be glad to know that the NFL odds are also calculated and updated often for every NFL game that is played. It starts with Money Night Football on ESPN and concludes with the Super Bowl in February. Take an early step and print out the Superbowl 100 boxes square grid office pool. Every game in between comes on Fox, CBS, NBC, or most other national networks we give you the opportunity to bet on them. This also includes games during the week as well so it doesn't matter if your favorite team is playing on Monday night you can still wager on them.

Another popular sport that many people like to wager on is the NBA games. This includes all the games from the beginning of the season to the playoffs and the championship as well. Collegiate basketball fans can also lay bets on their favorite teams with our sportsbook as well. For the NCAA tournament you may want to try your hand in the one million dollar Madness of March contest.

If you have a lucky streak in you and you enjoy watching sports why not make it more interesting with a small wager from time to time?