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NFL Super Bowl 58 Odds
Updated: April 2024


Check out the latest online betting odds to win the Super Bowl LVIII (58) in Paradise, Nevada. on February 11th, 2024. The game will be played at at Allegiant Stadium the home of the Las Vegas Raiders. Make sure you bookmark this page as the odds change frequently.




Super Bowl 58 Betting Odds


Kansas City Chiefs +650
Philadelphia Eagles +800
San Francisco 49ers +800
Buffalo Bills +850
Cincinnati Bengals +1100
Dallas Cowboys +1200
Baltimore Ravens +1400
New York Jets +1600
Los Angeles Chargers +2200
Miami Dolphins +2200
Detroit Lions +2500
Jacksonville Jaguars +2200
Las Vegas Raiders +2500
Denver Broncos +3300
Los Angeles Rams +3300
Cleveland Browns +4000
Green Bay Packers +4000
Minnesota Vikings +4000
New Orleans Saints +4000
New York Giants +4000
Chicago Bears +5000
New England Patriots +5000
Pittsburgh Steelers +5000
Atlanta Falcons +6600
Carolina Panthers +6600
Seattle Seahawks +6600
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +6600
Tennessee Titans +6600
Washington Commanders +7500
Arizona Cardinals +10000
Indianapolis Colts +10000
Houston Texans +15000


updated: August 28th, 2023

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The 2023 Super Bowl is going to be a matchup of a team that has the potential to be an offensive juggernaut for years versus a team that maybe on its way to being a dynasty (Chiefs) as they have made the Super Bowl three out of their last four years and it shouldn’t be a surprise at all if it turns out to be extremely high scoring and is a game in which it depends which sportsbook you look at to determine who the odds on favorite is to win it all.


On the Kansas City side if Mahomes ankle is still good he’ll still have a couple of weeks to cover from that and even without him having to scramble, he still leads the league in passing yards at just under 300 a game and the Chiefs offense has 424.7 yards per game in total. In addition to that, their depth at running back may increase by one as it is possible that Kansas City running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire, who has been on the injured reserve since week 11 may be coming back.

Although the Chiefs have one of the league’s best passing attacks they will also be encountering one of the best passing defenses in Philadelphia who leads the league in fewest passing yards per game defensively at only 179.8 yards per game.


In the event that Helaire doesn’t come back then Isiah Pacheco, who has been taking place of Helaire since he has been on the injured reserve list would continue to take his place and it isn’t like Kansas City will be short on weapons as the Philadelphia defense would still have to deal with tight end Travis Kelce and many others in the Kansas City passing attack.


As for the Eagles, it appears that their offseason moves, particularly the one to get AJ Brown to team up with Jalen Hurts has more than paid off and turned them into one of the league’s top passing offenses. In his opening season with the Eagles, Brown had 88 catches for 1,496 yards and 11 touchdowns.


So in conclusion the 2023 Super Bowl could be one of many touchdowns which is what will happen if history repeats itself. The last time these two played together the Chiefs beat the Eagles 42-30 during the 2021 season and is the highest scoring contest between these two teams to date. Although both teams have been around for about 50 years the two teams have only played nine teams. The lowest scoring game when the Chiefs beat the Eagles 24-17 in 1992.


Super Bowl Quick Facts

Number of Super Bowls Played: 57

ATS History: Favorite 30, Underdog 27, Push 2

Money Line History: Favorite 36, Underdog 21

Over/Under History: Over 28, Under 28

Coin Toss History: Tails 27, Heads 28


As mentioned, underdogs have won each of the past four Super Bowls. With two of the best offenses in the NFL playing for Super Bowl 55. The previous three Super Bowls had all gone over, except the last two which was one of the lowest scoring super bowls in the NFL history. When tails won the coin toss in Super Bowl 48, it ended a string of five straight ‘heads’ winners. Tails has won the coin toss in the past four Super Bowls. The coin toss winner has not the last two games.


The Super Bowl is one of the world’s largest betting events. It is the most-watched sporting event is the United States year-in and year-out and when you have a bet on the game, it makes it that much more interesting. Standard bets include betting simply on the outcome of the game, which team will cover the point spread, or betting on the total number of points (Over/Under). In the world of Super Bowl betting, these bets are just the tip of the iceberg.


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There are a seemingly endless number of proposition bets and other betting markets for individuals to place wagers. You can bet on the total points scored in any one of four quarters as well as bet on the total points scored in a half. Some of the more unique proposition bets have nothing to do with the game at all.

The Super Bowl halftime show has become a production of its own. Every year, a celebrity, or number of celebrities perform a halftime show. There are proposition bets that include what the celebrity performer’s first song will be. Other celebrity prop bets include whether or not a certain celebrity who attends the game will be shown on national television.

Another big deal with each year’s Super Bowl is the commercials. Each year, companies pay millions of dollars for a 30- or 60-second spot to be aired during the big game. Sportsbooks will post proposition bets such as what will be the first commercial aired during the game? These proposition bets are a unique way to get those who may not be big football fans involved in the game.

The number of proposition bets seems to increase each year. Bettors will continue to have fun with these prop bets as well as with bets that concern the game itself. One of the more popular bets recently has been on who will be named the Super Bowl MVP. If you plan on making this bet, you might want to consider a quarterback since seven of the last nine Super Bowl MVPs have been QBs.

Early Super Bowl 57 Betting Odds


Buffalo Bills +675
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +800
Kansas City Chiefs +1000
Green Bay Packers +1100
Los Angeles Rams +1100
Los Angeles Chargers +1400
Cincinnati Bengals +1800
Denver Broncos +1800
San Francisco 49ers +1800
Cleveland Browns +2000
Dallas Cowboys +2000
Baltimore Ravens +2200
Las Vegas Raiders +2500
Indianapolis Colts +2800
Tennessee Titans +2800

updated: June 1, 2022

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2023 NFL Football Season



Live and Mobile Betting

With today’s modern technology, you can now participate in live betting on the Super Bowl. Using a smartphone or tablet, football fans can watch the game and bet on live action. Bets can be placed any time on things like the outcome of a certain drive or whether or not a field goal will be good. Mobile betting is convenient, easy, and fun especially for those who watch their desired outcomes in real time.

Superbowl MVP History

A quarterback has been named the Super Bowl MVP 27 times, the most of any position. Running backs have won seven times, wide receivers six, and players at other positions have won 10 times. Last season, it was Denver linebacker Von Miller who earned the award. Miller was the second linebacker in three years to win the award (Seattle’s Malcolm Smith won it in Super Bowl XLVIII).

Looking at current trends, the last four Super Bowls have favored the underdog. In each of the last four games, the underdog has not only covered, but won the game. Each of the last three games has gone over, which makes sense as the NFL has seen an increase in scoring.

2024 NFL Season
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