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Complete FanDuel Review

Aside from the large tournaments they run FanDuel also offers other contests, such as:

Games And Pools Offered
With head-to-head tournaments you compete against another individual for all the prize money. In 50-50 tournaments if you are in the top 50% of winners you get double the amount of prize money deposited into your account. There are also numerous different types of leagues that are too extensive to list here.

FanDuel Bonuses
Signing up for a FanDuel account and depositing real money into it will get you a 100% match bonus that can award you with as much as $200 for free. For each major sport there is one major cash tournament held during the sport’s season.

FanDuel Banking
Making a deposit or requesting a withdrawal with FanDuel is easy to do. You can use a PayPal account as well as most major credit cards for your deposits. It is your choice to play the games for free or deposit as small of an amount as $10 to get started playing with real money. To withdraw money from your FanDuel account you will need to use a checking or PayPal account.

FanDuel Features
Completely legal within the United States
Compatible with most mobile phone brands
Before you play any sport you can find out how many times your opponent has won. Generally you’ll want to avoid those who have won thousands of times and compete against those who have only won a handful of times.


FanDuel Customer Service
Most emails sent to FanDuel customer service are responded to within 24 hours. There is always the option of chatting live with a FanDuel customer service representative.